Why Atlas

With $4 trillion in assets, 49,000 obligors, million securities, it is always a challenge to have a clear picture of the US muni market. Atlas Investment Research provides a comprehensive database with a transparent data structure that links all the data together.
We identified 49,000 unique obligors in our database. Each obligor is defined with unique sector classification and geographic definition.
Atlas Investment Research’s total debt data and tools provide a true picture of debt obligation of each obligor. We consider not only each obligor’s direct debt, but also overlapping debt of other obligors that have geographic overlap with the target obligor. Each issue is further analyzed based on its Obligation Classification. General obligation debt is separated from revenue based debt, and revenue based debt is further identified by different types of revenue sources.
We cover comprehensive demographic and economic indicators of each obligor. Together with the total debt data, we provide tools that help investors with direct side-by-side comparison and research among different obligors.
Atlas Investment Research offers unbiased, quantitative based Atlas credit scores for 30,000 obligors. Our rigorous, bottom-up analysis covers 24 individual credit factors including both micro-economic factors and obligor financial health factors.
We provide a point-in-time data structure that allows clients to model their investment strategies and back-test them.
Atlas Investment Research provides data, research and analytical tools based on investor needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Atlas: Muni Investment Research Specialist