Atlas Muni Analytics


Comprehensive Muni Data Elements

Atlas Muni Analytics is a muni research platform that provides an interactive visual presentation of the Atlas Muni Database. It features: (1)a clear obligor-issuer (6-digit CUSIP)-to-issue-security (9-digit CUSIP) relationship, (2)comprehensive demographic/economic data for each obligor, (3)industry only total debt and overlapping data analysis, (4)debt/demographic ratios, (5)proprietary Atlas Credit Score (and its underlying credit factor scores), (6)benchmark yield curve data, (7)security transaction/yield, and more.

Powerful Screening Tools

Atlas Muni Analytics provides a powerful screening tool that features hundreds of search data points, customized results views, saved searching criteria, and data exporting capability.

Intuitive Data Report

Each obligor is plotted along with its top overlapping obligors on the map
The hierarchical relationships of obligor, issuers, issues and securities are presented in a clear tree structure
Direct debt, local overlapping debt, and state overlapping debt are available for every obligor in the marketplace

Yield Curves

Current yield curve helps investors to compare the yields of different key benchmarks.
Historical yield curve allows investors to see how the yields change over the time.
Atlas: Muni Investment Research Specialist