Atlas Muni Data

Atlas Investment Research offers comprehensive coverage of muni data that allows our clients to power their own solutions such as investment research, financial models, software platforms, financial web sites, and more.


Atlas Muni Data includes 6 data groups and hundreds of data points. It provides a flexible mechanism to meet different clients' needs:
. Reference Data. Reference Data serves as a master index for obligors, issuers, issues, and securities. It also includes basic information for each data layer such as sector classfication and geographic definition for obligors, obligation classification for issues, interest rate and maturity date for securities, and so on.
. Basic Data. Basic data supplements the Reference Package with additional information like issue filing documents, trading data and ARS/VRDO data.
. Demographic/Economic Data. Demographic/economic data provides important demographic data and economic data for a specific region. It covers information like population, age, educational background, housing values, housing ownership/rental information, property tax, unemployment rates, poverty rates, and so on.
. Total Debt Data. Total debt data provides the total debt amount outstanding for each obligor, issuer, issue, and security. For each obligor, it also provides detailed information about its overlapping debt. Total debt data also includes debt/demographic ratios.
. Financial Statements. Obligor financial statement data are provided in both "as-reported" format and “standard” data format for key data items.

Data Delivery

Data are available either through on-demand services or bulk FTP delivery. Data are updated daily with full refresh monthly. Atlas Muni Data are also available through the easy-to-use Atlas Muni Analytics tool.
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